Financial Service Providers and FundsXML – Mountain-View Data

Right from the beginning in the 1990s Mountain-View Data has been involved in the development and expansion of FundsXML. The open data format which was initiated by German investment companies initialy focused on sales and reporting activities, but has changed to the European industry standard for exchanging fund data strongly patronized by the OEKB and VOEIG in Austria. Mountain-View Data is the leading provider of fund data and reporting services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. For more than ten years Mountain-View Data has adopted general and customer tailed FundsXML services due to the increasing demand on the European market. The data company engages 40 fund data specialists and is well known for high data quality and excellent customer service. Long-lasting and close connections with international investment companies in combination with innovative technical infrastructure and 25 years of experience on the financial market characterize Mountain-View Data. The reporting team has emphasized its strength on handling all versions and formats of FundsXML and has gained excellence in considering derivatives with all relevant asset details.