Version 4.2.0 released

The FundsXML initiative has published a new version of the FundsXML scheme. The new version 4.2.0 contains new data fields for the exchange of information on the European ESG Template (EET V 1.0), the European PRIIPs Template (EPT V 2.0), the European MiFID Template (EMT V 4.0) and the Tripartite Template (TPT V 6.0).

Accompanying the recently released FundsXML Version 4.2.0 we are also able to provide you with a list of EET V 1.0 fields, the EPT V 2.0, the EMT V 4.0 and the TPT V 6.0 together with the appropriate xpaths in the FundsXML schema.

The aim of this measure is to facilitate regulatory reporting procedures for FundsXML users.

European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1.1February 2023EETV1.1.1
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0November 2022CEPTV2.0
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1October 2022EETV1.1
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.0March 2022EET V 1.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 6.0March 2022TPT V 6.0
European MiFID TemplateVersion 4.0March 2022EMT V 4.0
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0February 2022EPT V 2.0
European Feedback TemplateVersion 1.0December 2020EFT 1.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 5.0December 2019TPT 5.0
European MiFID TemplateVersion 3.0
November 2019EMT 3.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 4.0April 2018TPT
European MiFID TemplateVersion 1.0
November 2017 EMT 1.0
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1
October 2017 EPT
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1
October 2017 CEPT