Version 4.1.6 released

The FundsXML initiative has published a new version of the FundsXML Schema. The new version 4.1.6 includes the new European Solvency II template (TPT Version 5) as well as the European MiFID Template (EMT Version 3). Both templates were endorsed by FinDatEx (Financial Data Exchange Templates). Due to the transition periods defined by FinDatEx, the new FundsXML 4.1.6 scheme supports both EMT V1 and EMT V3 as well as TPT V4 and TPT V5.

Switch-over to EMT V3:

An immediate switch-over to EMT V3 is not required, as all EMT users are anticipated to migrate over to V3 by 10 December 2020 at the latest.

Switch-over to TPT V5:

As of 31 March 2020, TPT V5 becomes applicable. A transition period is foreseen during Q2 2020, where both template V4 and V5 can be used. From 30 June 2020 all users will be anticipated to migrate to TPT V5 and previous versions will no longer be supported.

The new schema can be found here

Accompanying the recently released FundsXML Version 4.1.6 we are able to provide you with the European MiFID Template (EMT V3) and the Tripartite Template (TPT V5) together with the appropriate xpaths in the FundsXML Schema.

European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1.1February 2023EETV1.1.1
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0November 2022CEPTV2.0
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.1October 2022EETV1.1
European ESG Template (Field List)Version 1.0March 2022EET V 1.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 6.0March 2022TPT V 6.0
European MiFID TemplateVersion 4.0March 2022EMT V 4.0
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 2.0February 2022EPT V 2.0
European Feedback TemplateVersion 1.0December 2020EFT 1.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 5.0December 2019TPT 5.0
European MiFID TemplateVersion 3.0
November 2019EMT 3.0
Tripartite TemplateVersion 4.0April 2018TPT
European MiFID TemplateVersion 1.0
November 2017 EMT 1.0
European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1
October 2017 EPT
Comfort European PRIIPs TemplateVersion 1.1
October 2017 CEPT