Financial Service Providers and FundsXML – FINEE

Finee is a financial technology company with offices in Vienna and eastern Styria. Providing smart IT services for the financial industry since 2013, their solutions are tailored for asset management companies and investment organisations. Their team consists of experienced software developers as well as data analysts and financial experts with long-term experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Based on FundsXML, Finees services provide the perfect data framework to comply with all regulatory duties of disclosure. All portfolio data in their system is enriched with significant master data from various sources. This ensures a consistent, standardised categorisation of financial instruments, including all types of derivates and OTC contracts. Furthermore, all positions are tagged with industry-specific identifiers and information on underlyings, counterparties, exposures and more. Their intelligent, self-learning system enables them to apply a strict quality assessment process to financial data. Finee supports all common data exchange formats and strive to implement individual solutions for their clients, such as integrating existing file formats or connecting your existing APIs to their system. On request, Finee also offers conversion services between different FundsXML versions and implements individual data mappings for custom elements.