Financial Service Providers and FundsXML – FENION

Fenion is a spin-off from former Deloitte professionals who built and led the department for fund- and performance reporting. The growing team consists of experienced investment professionals and software developers, who are servicing all types of institutional investors and investment management companies since 2012.

Having observed a rather poor data quality in the industry, the team decided to disrupt the fund-data market and deliver best data quality and client servicefor reasonable prices.

Their profound regulatory and financial knowledge combined with technologies developed by Deloitte, enables Fenion’s experts to deliver fund data in any regulatory required or individually agreed format. Especially when it comes to reporting of complex instruments or regulatory classification of instruments, Fenion sees significant potential to increase data quality.

Today Fenion is able to deliver FundsXML in all versions to all stakeholders in the financial industry. Their services are as individual as their clients – for that reason they deliver any agreed format to investors and Investment Management companies as well as individual solutions designed to tackle their customer’s pain when it comes to data-handling and (regulatory) fund reporting.